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Global Kids’ Digital Media Initiative main Second Life grid launch of Teen produced game CONSENT!

Posted by bronwynr on April 9, 2009

CONSENT! is a first person, simulation game based on Harriet A. Washington’s book “Medical Apartheid” <www.medicalapartheid.com> in which your avatar assumes the role of an African-American prisoner who has to make tough decisions about whether to choose to ‘consent’ and submit to medical experiments, which took place during the time period of the 1940s to the present.

The game was designed and developed by Global Kids youth leaders in the Playing 4 Keeps after school program at South Shore High School, NYC using tools in the virtual world of Teen Second Life. Additional building and scripting was also done by the teen-run TSL development company, Digital Refinery.

Source: http://www.holymeatballs.org/2009/04/consent_sllaunch.html


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Study: Kids want their folks involved in gaming

Posted by bronwynr on March 8, 2009

A survey carried out as part of Microsoft’s “Play Smart, Play Safe” campaign shows 60% of kids surveyed wish their folks would become more involved in their gaming. Of all of the children polled, 47% admitted their parents “never” involve themselves with gaming, which is just plain shocking, but not as surprising as the 47% of parents who admitted they sometimes allow their child to play a game rated for a higher age set.

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