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States consider new ‘sexting’ laws

Posted by bronwynr on April 19, 2009


Parents, school districts, and law-enforcement officials have been grappling with what to do with teenagers who take sexually explicit photos of themselves with their cell phone cameras and send them to friends. Now, a handful of state legislatures are moving to get rid of one option: child pornography charges that result in lifetime listings on states’ internet sex-offender registries.


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When Love Hurts, Schools Can Help

Posted by bronwynr on April 17, 2009

Chris Brown’s arrest for assaulting Rihanna may have placed a national spotlight on dating violence, but with one in five high school girls reporting that they’re physically or sexually hurt by their partner, chances are that one may be a student of yours. Health teacher Ann Burke of North Kingstown, RI, created the Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund to educate 7th through 12th graders about dating violence after her daughter was murdered a few years ago by her ex-boyfriend.

Did you have any hint that this would happen to Lindsay?

I had an idea. No one else did. Everyone else said it wouldn’t go that far. Even though she hadn’t admitted to it, in my gut I thought something like this could happen. I was frantic. A lot of mothers have that gut feeling. But it’s not like I knew immediately. Lindsay, like us, had never been educated in domestic violence or dating violence. We didn’t know anyone who had experienced it. But I saw things that didn’t seem right, some red flags, and I started asking around. more » » »

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Parents’ Guide – internet safety

Posted by bronwynr on April 16, 2009

Parent’s Guide
NetAlert has prepared an Internet safety guide as a resource to help you create your own Internet safety strategy for your family.
Whether you are simply investigating the issues or need some practical advice on how you can help your children, this guide is for you.

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Mississippi Lawmakers Consider Texting Ban for Teens Behind the Wheel

Posted by bronwynr on April 11, 2009

Mississippi could join the ranks of those states that ban text messaging by teens while driving.

If approved, the law would prohibit 15- and 16-year-old teenagers with intermediate licenses, and temporary learning and driving permits, from text messaging while behind the wheel. more » » »

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Speak Up Against Gun Violence

Posted by bronwynr on April 3, 2009

Speak Up Against Gun Violence
After the near-fatal shooting of his brother Matthew on the Empire State Building in 1997, Daniel Gross founded PAX: Real Solutions to Gun Violence. The nonprofit organization, which has a national SPEAK UP hotline, gives young people a safe, anonymous way to report weapon-related threats in their schools. As the 10th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre approaches on April 20, Gross hopes to reach those students who may not have been old enough to remember the events of that tragic day.

What’s PAX doing in association with the 10th anniversary of the Columbine shootings?

We want to make sure that the SPEAK UP program is part of the national dialogue. Not only should we be remembering the loss and the victims, we also want students to know that there are things they can do in the course of their everyday life, and in their school day, that may be able to prevent a tragedy like it from happening. We focus on the idea of speaking up if you know of a weapon-related threat. more » » »

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