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Using Marketing Skills and Media to Keep Young People Alive

Posted by bronwynr on December 28, 2008

YouthAIDS’ Kate Roberts:

Kate Roberts is the founder and director of YouthAIDS and Five & Alive, two marketing programs implemented by Population Services International (PSI), where she is a vice president. Founded in 2001, YouthAIDS is a global education and prevention initiative that uses pop culture, music, theater, movies and sports to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. The program reaches 600 million young people in more than 60 countries with life-saving products and services. In 2002, YouthAIDS partnered with MTV to produce the “Staying Alive” concert, a $3 million event broadcast worldwide and featured on all major news channels. Roberts spoke with Knowledge@Wharton about cause-related marketing, the Indian film industry and an event in Africa that changed her life, among other topics.



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Teen Content Creators and Consumers

Posted by bronwynr on December 24, 2008

More than half of online teens have created content for the internet; and most teen downloaders think that getting free music files is easy to do. American teenagers today are utilizing the interactive capabilities of the internet as they create and share their own media creations. Fully half of all teens and 57% of teens who use the internet could be considered Content Creators. They have created a blog or webpage, posted original artwork, photography, stories or videos online or remixed online content into their own new creations. Read the full Pew/Internet report

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A Microbiz Can Help With College Expenses

Posted by bronwynr on December 23, 2008


I have enjoyed several microbusinesses throughout my life, and I believe they can be great learning experiences for teens. With the economy in its present disturbed state, I believe that a microbusiness can be helpful to any family.

… more

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The effect of children’s exposure to computers

Posted by bronwynr on December 21, 2008

From BBC Online: As the age at which children start to get familiar with computers keeps getting lower, questions are arising about what that exposure is doing to brains and the ability to concentrate.

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Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-safety – Australia

Posted by bronwynr on December 9, 2008


The Government is setting up a Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-safety – to see if a school in your area is participating see: http://www.alp.org.au/media/1208/mscoit080.php

Details from the press release on Senator Conroy’s website http://www.minister.dbcde.gov.au/media/media_releases/2008/091 :

School students from across Australia will participate in the Rudd Governments Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-Safety, the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, announced today.
“Young Australians are well immersed in the digital world. They understand the great potential of the internet and are perfectly positioned to guide the development of effective responses to cyber-safety risks,” Senator Conroy said.
“I am delighted to welcome the participation of 15 schools in the Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-Safety. I am positive this experience will be rewarding for their students and I look forward to hearing their comments.”
The Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-Safety will begin in the first half of 2009.

The group will consider and communicate to Government, cyber-safety risks faced by Australian children, how best to address these and how to communicate cyber-safety messages to other young Australians.
“Students from these schools will have the opportunity to advise the Government on cyber-safety issues currently faced by their peers,” Senator Conroy said.The Government committed funding of $125.8 million over four years in the 2008-09 Budget for a comprehensive cyber-safety plan including: education, law enforcement, content filtering, research, and international cooperation.

“This is just one of a number of Government initiatives aimed at creating a safer online environment for all Australian children,” Senator Conroy said.

The 15 schools taking part in the Youth Advisory Group on Cyber-Safety represent a cross section of the Australian community covering all states and territories.”

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Top toys for Christmas

Posted by bronwynr on December 6, 2008

Are you researching for the best, most popular, best selling toys around? 


… because you want to give the kids something they want themselves.  Chances are those are the ones that are considered trendy  And other people will have decided that they offer the best value and the best for the kids in their lives.

I have researched all of those factors and will be linking to each toy in coming posts, but if you want to decide now – here is the list – “Top Toys for Christmas“. 

Use the list and get your shopping done here – and now!

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Web site Lets Kids Experience Life as a Peace Corp Volunteer

Posted by bronwynr on December 5, 2008

What’s life like as a Peace Corps volunteer? A new Web site gives kids the opportunity to visit the fictional village of Wanzuzu, where they can work with local villagers and other Peace Corps members to solve eight different challenges.

From water contamination, sanitation, and disease to malaria, soil erosion, and the education of girls, the goal of the site is to teach kids about “sustainable development at the grassroots level” and to provide them with topical lessons on development. In the end, students will get a taste of life as a Peace Corps member—and possibly spark their interest in volunteering. more » » » 

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New Ways to Praise

Posted by bronwynr on December 3, 2008

: “You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake”

up, my parents and teachers told me that I was smart and talented frequently enough for me to believe them. While adults thought they were doing the right thing by lavishing praise on children (whether or not they deserve it) a growing amount of research shows that telling children that they are special or smart can actually be detrimental.


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