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Teens Prefer Online Sources for Health Advice

Posted by bronwynr on October 31, 2008

Like nearly everything else in their lives, teens and young adults turn to the Internet for details about health, sexuality, and wellness rather than traditional hotlines, according to a new survey from Ypulse.

The online youth-oriented media group Ypulse sponsored the poll, along with the health education nonprofit ISIS, and grassroots resource organization YouthNoise, as part of its ongoing effort to create a Web-based application where teens can go when they have questions about their bodies. more » » » 


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The Best of Children’s Art & Crafts

Posted by bronwynr on October 28, 2008


 This book is an enormous collection of activities for children, all designed to exercise busy fingers and stretch fertile minds.





More arts and crafts for kids
More on parenting
More for teachers

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Breakfast key to kids’ mental health

Posted by bronwynr on October 23, 2008

Adding a piece of fruit or a glass of milk to a teenager’s breakfast may help protect them from depression, anxiety and disobedience, Australian research suggests.

A study of more than 800 students has found that a complex breakfast is directly linked to better mental health irrespective of family income, the student’s weight or exercise routine.


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Chatrooms – help needed

Posted by bronwynr on October 22, 2008

Parents are showing an alarming level of ignorance and indifference towards their children’s participation in Internet chat rooms, with boys in particular being left to their own devices.  Article continues

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Latest Book Reviews

Posted by bronwynr on October 19, 2008


Corduroy by

Louise the adventures of a chicken by
Di Camillo

Enigma: A magical mystery by
Graeme Base



Madeline and the Cats of Rome by
Bemelmans Marciano

Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke

Little Fingers, Ten Little Toes by
Mem Fox


Click on the pictures to go to the reviews.

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Kids Hide Cyberbullying Incidents from Parents

Posted by bronwynr on October 15, 2008

Cyberbullying is more common than you think, and teens aren’t telling their parents about it, says a new study in the Journal of School Health.

In fact, some 72 percent of teens who are frequent Internet users say they’ve been the victim of online bullying at least once during the past year. read more…

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Let Them Eat Kale: Schools Get Serious about Nutrition

Posted by bronwynr on October 14, 2008

With America’s kids in danger of becoming obese, a growing number of schools are thinking outside the lunchbox
The kids at Louisa May Alcott School were more into Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and nachos than frisée and couscous. That is, until Greg Christian got to them.

Exactly three years ago, the chef known as Chicago’s conscious caterer decided to share his gastronomic talents with the city’s low-income children. So he took his pilot program straight to the source: the cafeterias of the Chicago Public Schools.

(… more)

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Parenting Skills – Video

Posted by bronwynr on October 12, 2008

Parenting from Healthbeat
Parenting from Healthbeat

Dr. Ramo talks about what parents can do to make a positive impact on their child everyday.

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ScreamFree Parenting

Posted by bronwynr on October 11, 2008

ScreamFree Parenting: Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool (Screamfree Living) (Paperback)by Hal Edward Runkel

The clear, direct, and humorous writing style allows parents with hectic lives to quickly read the book, absorb its concepts, and put them to use. Each chapter ends with reflection questions to reinforce the themes from the chapter. The book continues its effectiveness whether or not the reader answers the questions. However, thinking about the questions might shed light on you, your kids, and your relationships.

More information

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A child’s plate: good nutrition and good taste can go hand-in-hand

Posted by bronwynr on October 5, 2008

ONE of the most difficult tasks for parents is to get finicky children to eat the proper foods that are necessary for their growth and development. We all know the importance of good nutrition, and if it is introduced early on, nutritionists say that increases the likelihood of lifelong good eating habits.In too many cases, children eat a diet that’s high in calories and includes more than an ample amount of processed foods. But with a little planning, you can create a variety of tasty dishes that will give children the healthy boost they need. The trick sometimes is to get them to eat it.

First, parents have to set a good example by making wise choices and eating healthy dishes themselves. Try new foods and new ways of preparing them, with emphasis on dark green leafy vegetables, deep-yellow vegetables, fruits and whole-grain products.

Secondly, offer your children a variety of foods. When offering new foods, serve small “try me” portions, about 1 or 2 tablespoons, and encourage your child to create a new snack or sandwich from three or four healthy ingredients you provide.  Read on …


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